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The SHOP WITH HEART social design program has been coordinated by the Salva Vita Foundation since 2013. The aim of the program is to draw attention to the value-creating work of people with disabilities in Hungary. We aim to achieve this goal in two ways: on the one hand, by developing new, modern products, on the other hand by promoting product sales and advertising the Shop with Heart brand.


We currently work with 58 SHELTERED WORKSHOPS. The core of the program is product development, involving designers and craftsmen.


The DESIGN DATE event is a good opportunity for designers and social workshops to get to know each other and collaborate. With the involvement of creative experts, high quality and modern products are born. Revenue of their sales contributes to a long and stable functioning of workshops and a long-term employment of people with disabilities.


The SALVA VITA FOUNDATION organises the communication and marketing activities for the brand and operates the Shop with Heart webshop. This way we promote the products made in the sheltered workshops.



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