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We help corporate social responsibility companies with their unique product design and development efforts. The Shop with Heart  program sells quality products that are made with people with disabilities, tailored to the specific needs of our corporate partners. By purchasing our products, our clients support the retention and creation of jobs for people with disabilities.

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For civil organisations

The Shop with Heart trademark may be used by a non-governmental organization that is accredited under Government Decree 327/2012 (XI.16) and is a protected workplace pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2017 of 17 June 2014. We help our non-governmental partners acquire and successfully apply for the trademark.

Inclusive Design

In recent years, we have worked extensively with our Shop with Heart program partners to provide customized products for companies and to create inclusive design products from concept to implementation through social workshops. We are looking for business partners who agree with our goals and would be happy to work with us.


Branded social entreprises

The Shop with Heart Program supports organizations with at least 30% disability through the use of the Shop with Heart logo and trademark. Our aim is to support the employment of people with disabilities and to make their products more marketable.

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We ensure coordinated the cooperation

Creative idea

Out us find out a new product together


We design new products tailor-made to your needs and budget

Partnering with a social entreprise

Our aim is to involve social entreprises in the production process

Environment-friendly solutions

Nature protection is important for us

Prototype test

We start producing only after your approval of the prototype


We design unique packaging solutions


We deliver products to your address


New products can be sold in our webshop

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Unique production is a complex process, act on time, contact us, negotiate, and send you a specific offer within a few days.


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Creative Partner

In product development processes and program management Amijó Creative Studio provides professional support services for the Shop with Heart program.

RIta Béni

06 70 452 4071

Amijó Kft

2600 Vác, Zrínyi Miklós utca 13/b

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